About the Artist

My path as a woodworker and artist started during high school, then in 1970, began studying with several European masters of the trades.  My apprenticeships in Piano then Pipe Organ building, Boatbuilding, Furniture restoration, Marquetry with wood, then stone, instilled me with skills for finding material solutions, creating different processes, and tune my evolving scene of design esthetics in creating fine furniture and art. I seem to have a nack for keeping the broader picture in mind while focusing on finer detail work, and so began my journey in becoming a master furniture maker, teacher, and veneer artist. 

Reflections on being a Woodworker

Complex projects seem to be the ones that find me. Detailed, different, and mechanically challenging. It seems to require a combination of old-world craftsmanship and contemporary technology to make it happen.  By thinking outside the box and selecting the best method and hand skills to create it, detailed functional pieces of art become a rewarding experience for me. Church Organ building gave me structure, knowledge of materials, and a sense of historical style and mechanical design. Boatbuilding for making curves in wood, metal, and working leather in new ways. Furniture restoration in Europe gave me the knowledge of what lasts over time, and In Italy; I was inspired to follow my passion as a Marquetarian using wood, metal, and stone for my pictorial inlay surfaces.

This exposure to these diverse trades allows me to get involved or manage the design and build of projects with a team of craftsmen or designers in creating high-end work. I actually enjoy working with clients in building pieces for corporate, public, and private clients and have completed over 400 projects to date, where I played a major role.  The possibilities are ever-evolving, and I am excited about the direction this path is taking me in creating lasting work, that could be considered Antiques of the Future someday.