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Picture of my office wall:  ‘Nuff said about awards, ribbons and plaques.

Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge 

Paul Schürch’s “Ribbon Service Buffet” was announced as the grand prize winner of the 2007 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge Woodworking Competition. The competition was sponsored by FDM (Furniture Design and Manufacturing) and Cabinetmaker Magazine and recognizes excellence in woodwork and architectural woodwork that feature natural veneer and wood product applications.

Paul designed and created a custom classically styled bow front buffet that features a 42-point radial match on top and an inlaid ribbon of satinwood wrapped around the piece… “The piece is a combination of different styles using veneer and inlay to show the wild side of a classical ribbon,” says Schurch. “I used Swiss pearwood for the background veneer, Nigerian satinwood for the ribbon and walnut burl with tulipwood banding around a carcass of solid and laminated mahogany plywood.

Paul was also the 2007 Furniture Category winner for his Flowerberry Table; a 6 foot round expanding to a 12 foot racetrack three-leaf extension dining table with 16 matching chairs. Each chair has a different pacific blackberry motif including stone inlay of ladybugs, frogs, butterflies and opal flower buds scattered throughout the set.

State of California Senate

Here is an unusual recognition for having a ‘Best of Show’, received Jan.2016 during a show in Escondido, CA from Senator Anderson.