Jewelry Armoire

This armoire was commissioned to hold a collection of jewelry. The challenge was to create a densely packed interior storage for diverse collection, including a few secret compartments.  The marquetry of abalone shell and dyed wood veneers highlights the hummingbird theme. I have been experimenting with knob/handle positions on several recent projects, which is a … Read more

Wood Clothing

This wearable wood concept started in 2010 when Wesly Johnson and I took on the challenge to create some wooden clothing that could be comfortable, fashionable, could be easily put on and taken off, durable and serviceable as any fine garment should be. Wesly works with fabric, and I the wood, and the mechanics of … Read more

Pod Cabinet 1

This was a commissioned for a wall-mounted 6′ diameter, pumpkin-shaped cabinet with articulated doors. A departure from my normal marquetry into designing resin infused panels to create a visual and mechanically dynamic furniture art piece. A favorite combination of mine is the red Mercedes color, brushed black wood, and 22K gold plated hardware, all working … Read more

Spiral Sushi Table

Making critically sized blocks for the pivoting drawers stays on this table held up this project for some time, since I was unsure about the drilling of eight extremely precise locations with only vague lines for reference. Two weeks making a special jig, three hours for milling the four blocks and eight minutes for drilling the 8 holes. Challenging little things! These interactive furniture … Read more

Piano Marquetry

A customized grand piano that required a strip of marquetry going around the outside of the piano casework, 23′ of a continuous vine marquetry imagry. It was first made with smaller sections, joined together then inlaid and glued onto the wooden side of the piano.

Banksy Display

This was a side project assisting FACL (Fine Arts Conservatory Laboratories) that had the task of remounting a Banksy graffiti original, that was discovered on a wooden building in San Francisco. Graffiti is banned in the city, so the new purpose would be to remove the wall intact, and convert it into a museum display going on an … Read more

Mother of Pearl Inlay

These customized vehicle interior components are walnut burl, inlaid with 75 feet of segmented mother of pearl strips, then lacquered to achieve a durable high gloss finish. These SUV’s start as out as new vehicles then gutted. They are rebuilt with bigger motors and brakes, given high-security features, modern electronics, finely tooled leather and detailing. … Read more

3-ply Veneer

Three-ply, decoratively veneered, serpentine, cabinet faces. This piece was a collaboration between two shops, where the veneer work was done in my shop in Santa Barbara, CA, and the casework was done by Steve Balter in Seattle, WA. The curved front face of the cabinet has a serpentine footprint, and the finished three-ply skins that make … Read more

Musharabia Revision

This elaborate Middle Eastern mirror needed to be increased 12″ in height to fit a particular opening. This involved curring the mirror in half, adding a matching inlaid ebony section in the middle with a new screen of micro-turned ebony, bone, padauk parts. The 500 plus pieces were assembled into frames made of pewter, bone and ebony inlay. … Read more

Inlaid Ruby Cabinet

This cabinet was unusual and to my knowledge the first of its kind… It has an illuminated semiprecious stone panel in the door, that projects light through the stone into the sanctuary. This project took over one year to construct, was the largest Pietra Dure panel I have ever constructed on my own, and gave … Read more

Loyola University Crest

This project was for a new building for the Loyola University in New Orleans. set into a door that is over a widescreen monitor, one 48 inches; and the other 30 inches in diameter. All USA sustainable woods, water-base finish, LEEDS compliant, and thankfully, delivered on time.  Click here for more pics and info


This project is called the ‘Funion’ an experiment in wind-driven kinetic sculpture, and the effort to make it lightweight enough that it would spin with a light breeze. This should lead to larger dynamic artwork in the future. The form relies on the interlocking shapes of the veneer walls for its strength, making the final … Read more