Wood Clothing

This wearable wood concept started in 2010 when Wesly Johnson and I took on the challenge to create some wooden clothing that could be comfortable, fashionable, could be easily put on and taken off, durable and serviceable as any fine garment should be. Wesly works with fabric, and I the wood, and the mechanics of … Read more

Banksy Display

This was a side project assisting FACL (Fine Arts Conservatory Laboratories) that had the task of remounting a Banksy graffiti original, that was discovered on a wooden building in San Francisco. Graffiti is banned in the city, so the new purpose would be to remove the wall intact, and convert it into a museum display going on an … Read more


This project is called the ‘Funion’ an experiment in wind-driven kinetic sculpture, and the effort to make it lightweight enough that it would spin with a light breeze. This should lead to larger dynamic artwork in the future. The form relies on the interlocking shapes of the veneer walls for its strength, making the final … Read more