This project is called the ‘Funion’ an experiment in wind-driven kinetic sculpture, and the effort to make it lightweight enough that it would spin with a light breeze. This should lead to larger dynamic artwork in the future.

The form relies on the interlocking shapes of the veneer walls for its strength, making the final wall thickness 1.6mm or about 1/16”. Strong enough to hold its formed shape while spinning.

An interactive piece. The lines attaching the staves through the crown could be easily pulled and made fast to a cleat on the bottom. The Funion is mounted onto a spinning mechanic with the idea that it could spin in 10 MPH wind with one person inside. The common experience of being inside while it is closing or spinning is a little edgy, sort of being in a spinning Venus flytrap. When opening, a 16-pedaled flower emerging, with you, reborn from the center.

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