Jewelry Armoire

This armoire was commissioned to hold a collection of jewelry. The challenge was to create a densely packed interior storage for diverse collection, including a few secret compartments.  The marquetry of abalone shell and dyed wood veneers highlights the hummingbird theme. I have been experimenting with knob/handle positions on several recent projects, which is a “Design by Hardware Placement” kind of idea. This cabinet was started during the construction of the Thistle Cabinet (#66), I then proceeded to make two interior drawer units, which meant taking the normal step of building the Thisel cabinet from the outside in, and the unusual step of building the Hummingbird cabinet from the inside out. My helpers on these two projects included Wesley Johnson, Niclaus Josten, Kiva Weinstein-Decker and Kirk Ponto.

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6 thoughts on “Jewelry Armoire”

  1. This is such a beautiful piece. I love the hummingbird on the inside and on the outside in the tree with the ribbon. What fun it would be to have all those drawers to explore!

  2. That article totally got me interested in a jewelry armoire too, though I have so much I practically need a full jewelry closet. Wal-mart has some suprisingly cute ones!


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