Wood Clothing

This wearable wood concept started in 2010 when Wesly Johnson and I took on the challenge to create some wooden clothing that could be comfortable, fashionable, could be easily put on and taken off, durable and serviceable as any fine garment should be. Wesly works with fabric, and I the wood, and the mechanics of putting it all together. One rarely finds wood in fashion, and pushing the boundaries of what one can do with this material was a unique, a bit to educational and most of all, fun. A dress that should have ample movement, a full range of motion, flexible enough to perch in,  showing off the lacquered wood grain, fitting to the body. These dresses have met our expectations as a functional piece of wooden wearable art, have won many awards, and currently, the Koa cocktail dress is on display at the Martin MacArthur galleries in Hawaii.

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